Tips to pass to Consumers – buying upholstery

Questions consumers should ask yourself when buying upholstery.

How long do you expect your furniture to last?

Are you buying from a reputable, quality manufacturer?

Check comfort & support, including whether head support is needed or not.

Be aware of foam seating losing approx. 20% of its firmness in the first 3 months of use.

Check colour match to room – can you take home a cutting to ensure a good match?

Check wearability of fabric – is it good enough for your requirements?

Will fabric fade if subjected to direct sunlight? Some fade more than others.

If you choose a patterned fabric will it be pattern-matched & is this important to you or not?

Do you require castors or glides?

Will the furniture you have chosen physically fit into your house or apartment?

Are armcaps advised to prolong wearability of the arm fronts?

Would you like any other accessories, e.g. a matching stool, head cushions or scatter cushions?

Are you aware of the manufacturer’s upholstery care guidelines & are you comfortable with these?

Are you aware of the need to lightly ‘dress’ your upholstery by hand after use to prolong its neat appearance?

Is the quoted delivery time acceptable to you?

Are there any other factors which are important to you on which you need clarification from the retailer?

The tips were kindly put together By Chris Fort, Sherborne Upholstery.