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Criteria for joining GBF – ‘Approved members’

In January 2018, the BFM launched its new BFM Association Code-of-Practice. From then on, to be a member of the GBF scheme a BFM company had to undertake a self-certified audit.   This certifies that they produce at least 50% of their products in the UK and that they comply with a range of legal requirements.  Signatories to the ACOP become ‘Approved members’ and are able to use the GBF point of sales material.  GBF can only be promoted on those products made in the UK – not on any range that is imported.  Companies also sign an agreement on Terms of use of GBF with COP .

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Participants have access to a branded toolkit, providing swing tags, banners for the web and ready to print logos and graphics which can be used on all printed material.

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